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Collect fundraising money and accept credit card payments from your chapter website.
User Accounts*
Delegate website responsibilites to your students by creating individual user accounts.
Photo Gallery*
Upload pictures into albums and allow site visitors to download them in high quality.
Easy-to-Use Editor
Create and maintain your website with a point and click of your mouse. No HTML coding required.
Customize your website with many pre-designed FFA-related themes to choose from.
Unlimited Storage*
Upload as many pictures, videos and documents as you need. Also, no limit on the number of pages.
Redirect Page*
Link to an outside websage directly from your chapter website menu bar.
Add links to pages both inside and outside of your website with just a few clicks.
File Downloads*
Add .doc and .pdf files for download to your website.
Create and manage a chapter calendar within your website. Visitors can access upcoming events and details.
JudgingCard Results
Display chapter CDE results. Data is automatically pulled from JudgingCard and updates daily.  
Social Media Friendly
Add a Facebook "like" button, Twitter news feed, YouTube videos and much more!
Site Statistics
Know how many people visit your website, which pages they view most, and much more! 
Newsletter System*
Stay in touch with site subscribers with the FFANow email messaging feature.
Search Engines
FFANow chapter websites are optimized for search engines.
Keep website visitors up-to-date with your chapter happenings.
Enjoy a website without any advertisements.
User Support
Watch helpful online videos and download .PDF tutorials for free.
Page Manager*
Make updates from any computer with Internet connection. No software to download or install.
Powerful Hosting
All sites are hosted in multiple data centers, providing superior uptime, response time and reliability!
Text Msg Registration*
Send registered website users text message alerts from your FFANow chapter website.
*These features have not been allowed by TheAET.com for AETWeb users  
Custom domain name (www.yourchapter.com). For an additional $15/year charge, you can purchase a custom domain name. Or, if you already have a custom domain name purchased, just let us know and we will work with you to get your domain name working with your new FFANow chapter website at no additional charge.


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