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The following video and PDF tutorials are available to users to help you become familiar with the FFANow Chapter Website system.

Creating/Deleting/Moving Web Pages
This getting-started guide will help you learn how to create, delete, move, and rename pages on your website.
 View Video Tutorial
 Adding/Deleting Pages - Download PDF Tutorial
 Choosing Page Types - Download PDF Tutorial

Inserting Text/Images
After creating pages on your website, this guide will teach you how to insert text and images into your newly-created pages.
 View Video Tutorial
 Inserting Text & Images - Download PDF Tutorial

Hyperlinking Text/Images
Creating hyperlinks from text and images is an important way of sharing additional information on you website.
 View Video Tutorial
 Hyperlinking Text/Images - Download PDF Tutorial
 Upload an Image to Hyperlink - Download PDF Tutorial

Uploading Documents
Very simply and easily, you can upload documents to any pages you create on your website in less than 3 clicks.
 View Video Tutorial
 Download PDF Tutorial

Website User Accounts
In addition to chapter advisors having access to the website, sub-user and additional administrator accounts can be created so that your booster club, students, etc. can manage and update your FFANow website.
 Adding Site Users and Administrators - Download PDF Tutorial

Website Subscribers
The FFANow website system allows site visitors to register to your chapter's website. The site administrator(s) can send emails to those registered to keep them up-to-date with your chapter's happenings.

 Subscribers and Messaging - Download PDF Tutorial

Embedding Objects
The FFANow website system allows you to embed third-party snippets into your website. With a simple copy and paste, these objects add a new element of functionality and creativity to your website.
 Embed YouTube Videos - View Video Tutorial
 Embed Facebook Like Button - View Video Tutorial
 Embed Twitter Button - View Video Tutorial
 Embed YouTube Videos - Download PDF Tutorial
 Embed Facebook Like Button - Download PDF Tutorial
 Embed Twitter Button - Download PDF Tutorial
 Embed Google Map - Download PDF Tutorial
 Embed Weather Box - Download PDF Tutorial

Still have questions?
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